Celebrating 3 Years In Business: Our Biggest Highlights of the Last 12 Months

This month LFH Regulatory celebrates three years in business. In 2019, no one could have predicted what the next few years had in store but despite challenging conditions, we have experienced fantastic growth, developed long-term relationships with our clients, and consistently delivered excellent results.

We wanted to take this opportunity to look back at some of our favourite moments over the last twelve months and thank our amazing clients and our hard-working team for helping us to create a thriving and successful business.


Growing Our Team

As our business continued to grow, we decided to bring on board some new team members. We were excited to welcome three new recruits, and have a fourth member joining us at the end of the month. These new faces will play a vital role in upholding our commitment to delivering pragmatic and compliant solutions to all of our clients.

At LFH Regulatory, we are passionate about professional development, which allows us to provide our network with the most up-to-date information, and also enables our colleagues to reach their full potential. We were delighted to be able to promote one of our valued team members, Stuart from a Consultant to Manager and continue to offer our team the opportunities to develop their skills and take on new responsibilities.

We are truly proud of our hard-working colleagues, who all support each other to ensure that our clients receive excellent outcomes, and patients have access to safe and effective devices.


Smashing Our Targets

We were expecting our third year in business to be a good one, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Our team achieved some absolutely phenomenal results, including a 91% increase in annual turnover.

At LFH Regulatory we pride ourselves on our high performance, expert knowledge, and efficiency. This allows our clients to achieve their desired outcomes in a timely manner while remaining fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.


Planning For The Future

In April, all of the LFH Regulatory team had the opportunity to meet face to face for the first time. We enjoyed an exciting few days taking part in team-building activities and planning our future business growth. Our business coach came in to speak to everyone, and we all completed personality DISC assessments to measure our interpersonal skills.


We are passionate about creating a flexible culture that promotes a great work-life balance. As part of this, we empower our team to work in a way that enables them to achieve their full potential and supports their physical and mental wellbeing. Having a team that works remotely makes our get togethers special occasions where we can enjoy spending time together in person and celebrate our achievements to date.


What’s Next?

Looking ahead to the next twelve months, we look forward to continuing to build excellent client relationships through understanding their needs and delivering the best possible outcomes.

Looking for expert advice on how you can get your device to market and keep it there? Our experienced team can help you to navigate the regulatory landscape and deliver solutions that will help you to achieve your goal.